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A market leader in quality Micro Switches, Rocker Switches, Push Wheel
Switches, Snap Switches, Computer Keyboards, Magnetic Proximity Sensors
and Speed Sensors, Hall Effect Sensors.

Keystone (website)

Battery & Coin Cell Holders| Contacts | Clips| Brackets | Fuse Clips & Holders|
Instrumentation Handles| Cable Ties | Grommets | Washers| QC Terminals|
Spacers | Stand Offs | Screw Terminals| Terminal Blocks| Probes & Lens Caps|
Cage Clamps| Fan Guards | Binding Posts | Phono Jacks & Plugs

Heyco (website)

Liquid Tight Fittings| Slit Tubing |Nylon Snap-in Connectors| Flex Mounting Brackets| Sealing Washers| Nylon Locknuts| PG Thread Taps| Metal Cord Grips| IES Connectors & Strain Reliefs

Also available are a large range of Bushings | Plugs | Cable Clamps | Clips| Cable Wraps

MicroplasticsMicroplastics (website)

Moulded Nylon Components including Press Lock Thumb Screws | Bolts | Washers|
Panel Fasteners | Hole Plugs | Wire Handling Accessories| Rivets | Circuit Board Hardware| Board Spacers | Hose Clamps & Spiral Wrap

Switchtech (website)

FFC / FPC Connectors | DC Power Sockets | Smd DC Power Sockets | Stereo Jacks |
FFC Cable | Tact Switches | Slide Switches | Detector Switches | DIP Switches |
Multi Function Switches| Push Switches.

ECE (website)

Dip Switches- T/Hole | Smd | Right Angle | Rotary | Slide | Piano style | Tri-state | Auto Insertion style| Relays- Reed Relay Level Sensor | Solid State | I/O Modules | Electromechanical Relays Photo Mos Relay | Terminal Blocks | USB | Mini USB | IEEE1394 | Machine Pin Sockets | ZIF Sockets and Receptacles | Phone Jacks | Modular Plugs

SPK (website)

Frequency Controlled Products - Quartz Crystals | Oscillators| Crystal Filters | Buzzers | Transducers | Condensers | Microphone Units

American Zettler (website)

Large selections of Relays for various industries such as Appliance | Automotive | HVAC | Power Telecommunications | General Purpose | Industrial and Smd | NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Assemblies – Appliance | Industrial | Heating & Cooling | Refrigeration | Fluids | Automotive | Microwave

Pacer (website)

USB Cables & Conn, Mini USB, Stacked USB Conn, IEEE 1394 Conn & Cables, Splicing Conn for Telecommunications, Push Button Switches, Slide Switches, DIP Switches, Vibration Switches, Roll Ball Switches, Metal Shell LED Indicators, Dust Proof, Water Proof Toggle Switches Sealed Switches, Relays, Miniature, Sealed & Open Style, Hi Reliability, Socket Mount

SAE (website)

Ceramic Chip Trimmer Capacitors in TC03, TC13, TC23, & TC33 Styles, Dust Proof Structure, SMD for Applications in Mobile Communications & Telecommunications, Paging and Tracking Systems, Domestic Appliances.

Matsuta (website)

Magnetics, Power Inductors, Wire Wound Chip Inductors SMD Common Mode Chokes, Multilayer Chip Inductors, Chip Beads, Line Filters, Choke Coils, Torroidal Coils, Transformers,  Though Hole and SMD Types.

Way-on (website)

Circuit Protection Devises, Selfuse/Smartcera, Polymer based, PTC, Resettable Fuses-PPTC, Ceramic Base Thermistors CPTC, Low Temperature Alloy Cut Off FUSE, Protection Circuit Modules SCM & PCM. Protection IC-Fixed Voltage Protection Products

Harvatek (website)

LED’s, SMD, Mono Colour, Bi Colour, Tri Colour, High Power, Flash LED’s in white and colour, Clear & Diffused styles, Top Viewing, Right Angle styles, white, blue, red, green, Amber, Yellow.

Sourcing Option for hard to find parts local & overseas

We also have access to other non listed name brand Passive Components, Electromechanical and Interconnect Products from various manufacturers.